ITM Athletics (In The Moment)

About The Brand

Basketball was my first love but l just generally love everything about sports. That’s what made me start this brand “ITM ATHLETICS” with my knowledge, experience, my ambition, and addiction to keep learning  I’ll elevate your performance physically and mentally with my training programs. Welcome to my universe ITM ATHLETICS (In The Moment)

We Offer

The Bodyweight Program

Become the master of your body (full 90 day body weight program)


The Muscle Up Program

Muscle is armor for the body. Let’s pack it on so the body can be protected (90 day program)


PrimeTime Performance Program

You will become the best athlete you can be with this. A program designed to bring your best performance out of you (90 day program)


Hot Handles Program

Let’s turn the ball into an extension of our hands. This will enhance your footwork and ball handling so the ball will be on a string (90 day program)